Individualised training


"I've been a runner for years and have seen a lot of physios, Jo is the only one I ever want to see again and with her help, I smashed my goals and now feel stronger than ever "      


Ellie Lacey, world transplant games gold medalist



No it isn't just reserved for women who have children. In fact the statistics are higher than you might think:

-In cross fit: 75% leak with skipping, 34% when running, 43% during box jumps, 71% during double unders

- 57% of trampolinists

- 28% of fitness instructors

Other than the fact that leaking is unpleasant it's important to appreciate that it actually means that your core system is unable to manage your intrabdominal pressure, usually when we ask something more of it like jumping, a rugby tackle or heavy lifting! If we dont train our core system effectively it can result in pain, leaking, abdominal bracing and eaesthetic implications and ultimately movement inefficiency and sub optional performance.

Female Training

"Integrate your breathing, core activation and specific strengthening into your training strategies...you'll be surprised at the results"


Out of 291 elite athletes, 51% reported urinary incontinence with sport.

Only 4 % sought help and 20% left sport because of it" (Thyssen, 2002)

Have you had pain that hasn't settled with other physiotherapy or strength training methods?

Are you keen to learn more about effective core strategies to minimise your injury risk and maximise your performance, regardless of whether you are a recreational runner or elite athlete?

Do you leak during sport?

If you answered yes to any of these then Jo can help support you with an individualised assessment taking into account the demands of your sport and your history. She will complete a bespoke, through movement screen, assess your core strategies and  provide a specific programme for you