Our goal at Mumma Physio is to help you achieve a problem free pregnancy and a happier life beyond, by creating safe, tailor-made pilates and rehabilitation programmes especially for you. We are passionate that women are given every opportunity to have a healthy happy pregnancy and return to full fitness and health post partum, allowing you to be the healthiest and happiest mum you can be.  Our same rehabilitation approaches apply whether you have had children or not, whether it be returning to normal daily functions or returning to sport, get in touch to see how we can help you.



Pregnancy is such a special and exciting time which also brings numerous physical changes that can affect your posture and daily function. Evidence shows that more than 50% of women stop exercising once they discover they are pregnant and a further 20% stop after 17 weeks, which can result in muscle weakness, tightness and decreased overall fitness.  Pilates is a fantastic way of improving your posture,  preventing and treating low back and pelvic girdle pain and preparing for Mummy life. The classes have many additional benefits including:

– maintenance of pelvic floor muscle strength

– prevention of incontinence

– maintenance of flexibility and circulation

– relaxation and improved mental wellbeing

– a more prepared and positive labour

– a more positive pregnancy experience

Individual physiotherapy sessions are also available to treat your specific needs. Classes appropriate from 12 weeks.


Regardless of your pregnancy and delivery, your body will go through numerous physical changes. It isn't uncommon to experience incontinence, separation of your abdominal muscles, muscle tightness and musculoskeletal pain, but these are absolutely symptoms you shouldn't have to put up with post partum. This post natal check up will last an hour and will start with a detailed assessment of your pregnancy and birth. Most importantly it will address any concerns you have and your goals moving forward, making the treatment plan specific to you and your needs.


We will then move on to the physical exam which will include assessment of:

– abdominal separation known as diastasic recti (DRAM)

– musculoskeletal problems related to pregnancy/post partum such as low back or pelvic girdle pain

– abdominal/pelvic floor recruitment patterns

– your posture and movement patterns

– muscle strength and length

A bespoke rehabilitation programme will then be provided alongside appropriate physiotherapist treatment techniques. This is highly recommended prior to attending post natal classes to teach the fundamentals of core and pelvic floor recruitment, allowing you to maximise the benefits from all classes

 Suitable from birth 


Our physiotherapist led class focuses on pelvic floor recruitment, restoration of abdominal tone and core stability, spinal mobility and upper/ lower body strength aiming to provide a faster post partum recovery. We focus on recruitment of the deepest abdominal layer initially, layering up to ensure the muscles have repaired adequately, restoring both appearance and function. Classes include a picture of core work, pelvic floor recruitment, upper and lower body strengthening and mobility exercises. Other benefits include:

-prevention/treatment of incontinence

-maintenance of bone density

-assistance with weight loss

-social interaction/psychological well being

Ligaments stay lax for up to 6 months post partum, so it is vital to strengthen our pelvic floor and core muscles at a time where we are lifting babies, buggies, car seats and feeding (all with minimal sleep!) Mumma Physio also offers a very unique and specific return to run class, which prepares your pelvic floor and core system for impact and the demands of sport. This is run as a 6 week course. Women must be 6 weeks post partum to attend the classes. It doesn't matter how long ago you had your child, it is never too late to address any ongoing issues you haveBabies are of course very welcome with mats provided for them next to you exercising


A one on one assessment is highly recommended pre class attendance to teach specific core recruitment patterns  ensuring you gain maximum benefit from the class


Many yoga classes focus on taking joints to extreme ranges of motion which is often not conducive to optimal stability, injury prevention and performance in sport. This unique physiotherapist run class focuses on:

- maximising flexibility and joint mobility within stable, joint friendly ranges

- improving spinal mobility

- training both the strength and endurance of the core stabilising muscles

- improving stability around the scapula

- improving posture and lower limb biomechanics to assist in injury prevention

This class is appropriate for women who have completed the post natal courses and are physically ready to return to activity. It is currently run as a class for both men and women of any sporting ability looking for a unique physiotherapist led class to assist in injury prevention and performance enhancement.
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