I am very lucky to have two gorgeous children; Sienna (9lb 7oz) in 2015 and Rory (10lb 11oz) in June 2018. Both had their own ante and post natal challenges so not only do I have the qualifications and skills to help you during and after your pregnancy, I have the personal experience to know what you may be going through.

It is always important to know that you are in safe hands. I am a highly qualified physiotherapist and graduated with 1st Class honours in BSc Physiotherapy in 2005. I went on to complete an MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine as well as various sports yoga and pilates qualifications, specialising in more recent years in ante and post natal Pilates and Physiotherapy techniques (see qualifications).


From 2010, up until I had Rory, I worked as a specialist rehabilitation Physiotherapist for professional rugby union side, the Scarlets.  I found that combining my Physiotherapy and Pilates skills yielded superior results in terms of injury prevention, rehabilitation and overall wellbeing of players and I was lucky enough to be part of the league winning side in 2017 and European semi finalists in 2018.  


As mentioned above, both my children were pretty big babies and the births took a toll on my body. After an assisted first birth, I was really shocked at how I felt post natally, not only in terms of some of the symptoms I experienced but more so that the routine rehabilitation processes that I applied to every other injury just seemed to not exist for women post natally. There was a real culture of “just get on with it”. It was only after a failed returning to running attempt that I had the light bulb moment that of course I need to prepare my pelvic floor and core system for returning to impact, just like I would prepare my hamstring if I had torn it. This allowed me to get back into running and complete a marathon without unpleasant symptoms that had once plagued me. I went on to have my son in 2018, who was 10lb 11oz and had an entirely different pre and postnatal experience by using my rehabilitation strategies which of course boosted my self esteem and overall happiness at the same time. 


I have since written for Trail Running magazine on the specialist panel for returning to exercise post partum and Womens running magazine in 2019 (see Press). I realised I could use my extensive background to help other women too which inspired me to create Mumma Physio. I noticed that women too frequently neglect their own wellbeing/recovery during pregnancy or post natally, as of course our priority is our little ones, but the multiple physical changes can affect such a special time and be prolonged if not addressed. I personally found that Pilates and exercise helped me feel strong again after my children, mentally and physically and so I wanted to create a service where women are given every opportunity to experience a healthy pregnancy and return to full fitness and health post partum. I also now work for the WRU national womens team, providing specialist female training and physiotherapy advise.

At Mumma Physio we offer friendly ante and post natal classes as well as one to one sessions, with the reassurance that they are led by highly qualified physiotherapists with an extensive awareness of core stability, anatomy and contraindications to exercising through pregnancy and post natally.  Every woman's experience is different, so we can create tailor made programmes to address your unique requirements


I also wanted to continue my love of sports Pilates/rehabilitation and use my extensive experience working with athletes from recreational to elite professional level to help support not only women through exercise but anyone who wants to continue injury free whilst optimising their performance. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you.
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