"The best investment in my health I've ever made...I honestly think every mum should attend Jo's classes"


   Tess, Cardiff


"From my first email you gave me the belief and confidence that I would be able to run again despite my challenging birth"      


     Kerry, Cardiff


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This 6 week course includes:

- weekly pregnancy specific strength and mobility classes, integrating pelvic floor and deep abdominals to prepare you for the demands of pregnancy, delivery and post partum

-Pelvic girdle pain advice and exercises

-Home exercise sheets

- Goody bags with discounts, smellies and information

- One month free access to prenatal online programme The Glow Method at Home

Available from 12 weeks


This popular physio led class focuses on pelvic floor recruitment, restoration of abdominal tone and strength, spinal mobility and overall strength aiming to provide a faster post partum recovery.


We focus on recruitment of the deepest abdominals initially, layering up to ensure the muscles have repaired adequately, restoring both appearance and function. They aim to minimise incontinence and pain, as well as provide a fun and relaxed environment to meet fellow mums.

Available from 6 weeks post partum

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
Running Shoes


Returning to running is a significant milestone post partum. Forces of up to 2 times your body weight can be transmitted to the pelvic floor when we run which is why it It is associated with a 4 times increased risk of pelvic floor dysfunction compared to low impact activities. We need to prepare our core system for higher impact activities rather than jumping into them to quickly which can predispose you to symptoms such as leaking, pelvic heaviness or pain.

Join Jo in this unique Cardiff course of strength, pilates, progressive impact exercises and running technique advice, to safely and effectively prepare your core system for impact.

Regardless of whether you had you baby 8 weeks ago or 8 years ago, this course will make you feel stronger and more connected with your core than ever before