"Jo is diligent, professional, caring and understanding in her work. Her depth of knowledge and range of techniques is second to none"

Ken Owens (Wales, British and Irish Lion)

Sports Injury


Jo has extensive experience in managing acute, chronic and post operative conditions, with athletes from recreational to professional level.


An assessment will include a thorough discussion of the history of your condition and your personal goals. It will then involve:

- a bespoke musculoskeletal assessment 

- relevant movement screens and evaluation

- manual therapy/acupuncture/massage  depending on your need

- a bespoke rehabilitation plan and home exercise plan

- goal setting and reevaluation using specific and validated outcome measures


Have you been prone to injury in the past and keen for a bespoke musculoskeletal assessment and movement screen to minimise your future injury risk?

Are you interested in an in-depth assessment of your core strategies which can improve your movement efficiency and performance?

If yes, book in with an injury prevention assessment. Jo will then provide you with a bespoke exercise programme and progressive plan

Focus on laptop screen with young woman
Young Man doing Physical Exercise


Many yoga classes focus on taking joints to extreme ranges of motion which is often not conducive to optimal stability, injury prevention and performance in sport.


Jo provides sports pilates classes, run for you individually, within small groups or for your sports team, bespoke to the specific demands of the sport to minimise injury risk and optimise performance.